Words of caution

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Take a lot of caution when building your campfire because forest fires are becoming more common. These fires are a threat to you the camper as well as the environment.

Here is a list of ideas that can help you keep safe:

• Always ensure that an adult is attending to your fire. Never leave your fire unattended • Never build a fire within 10 feet of camp stoves, fuel canisters, tents or sleeping areas that have a flammable material. • Before going to bed or leaving an area, always ensure your fire is fully extinguished. When extinguishing a campfire, use a long stick to stir the coals and ashes to spread them out and expose them to air. Pour water over the coals while keeping your hands or face away from the rising steam until you are sure the fire is completely extinguished • Never place flammable items like papers, lighter fluids, shoes or towels near or on the edge of your fire pit • Ensure that young children stay as far away as possible from the fire pit even if the fire is dead. Children should always keep a safe distance because grates, rocks, and fire-pit walls can be scorching. • Never build a fire below low-hanging branches Living conditions When carrying the tent, ensure that you also pack the instructions. Every tent has its method for setup and it is important for you to understand how your tent is operated. Make sure your poles, anchors, loops, and rope are all in place. Ensure you adhere to the instruction, as this will save the time that you can allocate doing other things.