Topic Progress:

Vegetarian – A vegetarian is someone who
abstains from consumption of meat (seafood,
poultry, red meat or any other animal flesh).
Instead, a vegetarian substitutes meat with fruits,
grain, nuts, and vegetables.

Dirt Baggers – A dirt bagger is someone who eats
almost anything. This camper is okay with any
food, and, therefore, can take any recipe from
this book without any limitations.

Gourmet – A gourmet is someone who
discriminates when it comes to enjoyment of
foods and drinks. This is someone who does not
just eat anything but carefully chooses the food/
drink and only enjoys high-quality or exotic
ingredients that require skilled preparation.

Kindling – material that is used to ignite fire,
such as straw or dry wood

Ember – Ember is a small piece of wood or coal
that is still live (dying fire)

Regular camper – Someone who goes camping
regularly and is therefore well acquainted with
all the camping activities. Such a person knows
almost everything concerning camping.