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I mentioned earlier that you should follow your instruction manual when setting up your tent. Here is another scenario where you will need to recheck the manual one more time.

Following the guide will save you more time and will ensure that you do not damage the tent in case you want to return in future. Some people prefer to start with the tent while others prefer that the tent comes last. The choice is all yours to make. After pulling down the tent, make sure you fold it nicely so that you do not have problems during your next visit.

After you have disposed of all the food carefully and packed your tent, drive a few meters and pack your car. Go back to your location on foot to have one last look. This will help you confirm that you have not left anything behind.

In most cases, campers are prone to forgetting small items like cell phones and flashlights. Just one last check can help you recover several items that you were going to leave behind. Now you are ready, you can leave.