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Not only a foodie would pay attention to cooking, but anyone who wants to put something in his or her stomach, because, after all, you will get hungry.

This topic is crucial and forms the foundation of this book. As most people believe, you should not expect much when you go to the wilderness and have to cook outdoors.

In my opinion, the key to an excellent meal depends on the main ingredients because these components determine the outcome of your food I expect that by now you should be having some idea of what you are going to cook because you are now camping. In case you brought your food, that is okay, but it gets monotonous, and you need to test yourself by cooking something delicious.

For example, you can wake up very early and make bread or pancakes for your other counterparts. How thrilling can it be to wake people up and serve them hot tea and pancakes while you are out there in the forest. I have listed some food basics below