Setting up your camping

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There are some defining characteristics of an average campsite. The first being your car, second, tent, and, third, campfire. These three objects have to be everywhere no matter where you go. Keep your vehicle at a reasonable distance away from the campfire.

The car is always the dominant figure in any campsite though it does not have to be this way in all cases. Here, you have the option of choosing whatever you want. You can set the tent at the center of the camp if you prefer. I would suggest that you block the road with your car, mostly if you are in a campground or national park. This will ensure you gain enough cover, and you can spot whoever is approaching with much ease.

Also, ensure that the vehicle is parked in a manner that is easy to unload since you are going to do plenty of unloadings. This will also make things easier when it is time to pack up, after the camp. The figure below shows a camper setting up camp.