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Cleaning up is crucial once your vacation is over. One of the areas you need to pay more attention to is the campfire. Dump soil on the fire to ensure it is completely ‘suffocated’. Though you may use water, ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

It is advisable to put out the fire and hang around for some time just to make sure the fire is out completely. Secondly, you need to take care of your garbage.

Make sure you collect all the litter around and toss it in the nearest dumpster. Cleaning is recommended because it makes thing easier for the next group that may need to use that campsite. It can be so annoying to find garbage in the wilderness, and you do not want to be that person that lives litter everywhere.

Keep in mind; you may need to return at a future date. How would you feel finding garbage everywhere? It is all about being your brother’s keeper at this point. The image below shows a camping site that has come to an end and needs cleaning.