With a stick

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Cooking over the fire on a stick is one of the oldest methods of cooking at the camping site. Nowadays, it is just fun because any food cooked over a fire tastes delicious. When you are looking for your cooking stick, find something flexible but strong enough to support the weight of your food. It is good to find something that is long enough to ensure you are safe from the heat emanating from your fire.

Cooking with a stick is quite simple because you can easily find a stick outdoors. Ensure you wash the stick with water and soap to remove any dirt before you start your cooking. One right thing is to use a knife to peel off the bark at one end and to make it sharp enough to be able to pierce into your food (hot dog or s’more). Spray the stick with a cooking spray or rub using vegetable oil before spearing your food. If you want to get your meal out quickly, then the stick method can be very helpful.


• It is simple
• There are not tools required
• It is easy to regulate your cooking as you can quickly change the position of your food
• Cooking sticks can be thrown into the fire after your meal. You do not have to worry about dishes


• Only some specific foods can be prepared this way
• You may have plenty of wasted food due to burning and dropping
• It is not environmentally friendly as you have to destroy trees looking for sticks
• Having pointed sticks can be dangerous, especially if you have children around
• The image below shows cooking with a stick over a campfire.