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Wheat Dough

• A quarter cup of wheat germ
• One tablespoon of baking powder
• One and a half cup of white flour
• One cup of whole-wheat flour
• A quarter cup of bran
• One tablespoon baking powder
• Half teaspoon salt
• A third cup of solid vegetable shortening

ff Stir together wheat germ, dry milk, salt, baking
powder, white flour, and bran in a large bowl.
Add shortening then blend thoroughly until
the mixture is fine and resembles crumbs.
Carefully, add water at a time until the dough
is stiff and holds together.
ff Remove sizeable tablespoonfuls of dough
from your bowl. Knead it and wrap around
the end of your stick. Cook, your mixture for
12-18 minutes, ensuring you rotate the food
to distribute the heat evenly. Heat until your
food turns golden brown (well baked). You
can also prepare quick stick bread using this
method. You only need to mix a quarter of a
cup of water with one cup biscuit baking mix
until you have a soft dough.


• Salt, garlic salt and pepper for tasting
• Two cups of plain yogurt
• Twelve new or baby potatoes (1.5 inches)

Combine yogurt, potatoes, garlic salt and pepper
while stirring to ensure it coats well. Marinate
for 20-30 minutes. Pierce your stick at the center
of your potatoes and cook above coal for around
10 minutes until ready.