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To prepare your food safely, you need to consider the following:
• Keep raw poultry, seafood and meat away
from other foods
• Always wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial
soap before and after handling any food
• Always thaw frozen seafood, poultry or meat
before cooking to ensure it evenly cooks
• Frozen foods need to be thawed in a cooler at
400F or below. Make sure the poultry, meat
or seafood (being thawed) is well wrapped to
avoid soaking your other foods with the juices
• Place your food in a leak-proof plastic bag
and immerse the bag in cold water to thaw
your food quickly. Ensure you change the
water after every 30 minutes until your food
is completely thawed, then cook immediately
• Do not use the same utensils of dishes for
both cooked and raw seafood, poultry or meat
• Always keep marinating your meat in a cooler
( temperature should be 400 or below)
• Use hot soapy water to wash your hands, work
surfaces and board after cutting raw meat
Enjoy your campfire cooking.