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In your planning process, you have to take into account the means of transport. If you are going to use a personal car, then it is important to have it checked before you set off. It can be very frustrating to deal with a broken car before reaching your destination. You will only have a beautiful experience if you reach your destination and return without any hitches. Since you want to have a real cooking experience, always ensure that your cooler is packaged correctly before leaving.

Follow these instructions to ensure that your food is cool and safe

  • Use an appliance thermometer to ensure your cooler remains at maximum 400 F. Foods that you want to freeze can be kept below 00F.
  • Before placing food in your cooler, fill it with ice 30 minutes before putting food inside
  • Store non perishables in one cooler while perishables in another. Do not mix perishables and non-perishables in one cooler
  • Place the coolers in the coolest part of your car or on a shady spot
  • Ensure that the coolers are well stocked with ice and minimize opening them unless it is very necessary
  • If your camping trip is going to be long, then you can split your food into two. You can store everything you need for the first half of the trip in one cooler. What you do not need most can be stored on another cooler for the second part of the trip. You can seal the second cooler with a duct tape and only open when the food is needed. For the first half of the trip, make sure you start with the perishables.
  • You should use block ice because it lasts longer compared to ice chunks. Ensure that the ice blocks are double bagged so as to minimize leaking cases
  • Frozen vegetables like peas or corn also act as ice packs and can help in keeping the cooler cold. Also, freeze seafood, poultry or meat because they can help your cooler stay cold for longer.

Remember, I have emphasized that you buy durable products so that you can use them in the future. High-quality products should last you for a long time. Such products can be used in the future. Durable and quality will enable you have fun without any inconveniences. An important thing to note is that quality does not necessarily translate to expensive. You can do enough research and identify shops that offer reasonable and affordable prices. Buy stuff that you like, from food, water bottles to hiking boots. Do not take anything for chance.