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You have come to the right place to receive advice on some of the best recipes, whether you are a vegetarian, dirt bagger or gourmet. Here, you will also receive tips and tricks about your camping gears and the supplies you need to buy. I have detailed these recipes to ensure you have all the information about a particular food so that you can make some delicious meals and make your camping experience unforgettable.

Go out there and make the best breakfast, main dish, side or dessert. I have also expounded on the various cooking methods available to ensure you are well covered. I have tried to answer all your questions regarding camping and meals, starting with a refresher on how to set up quality camp, the activities to partake and how to prepare some delicious food while you are at the camping site. As you will discover, I will insist that you have a nice plan before stepping out of your house.

The plan should cover how to go about your camping experience, and most importantly, the plan will enable you settle on a shopping list.

Off course, that is after deciding on your food menu. I believe after this book, you should drop the old myth that when you go outdoors you need to have your ready prepared food stashed in plastic bags. The reason is that at your campsite, you can still prepare the foods you prepare at home. Please remember to do all these not forgetting that you are out there to have fun, Let loose.