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• One jar pasta sauce (28 ounces)
• One package of hot dogs
• Two packages of spaghetti pasta (6 ounces)


Fill your Dutch oven with water and place the oven over the fire. Add spaghetti to your pot and make sure it boils. Once you notice your spaghetti is tender, drain Dutch oven while leaving cooked spaghetti in the pot. Add hot dog pieces and pasta sauce. Ensure you mix well and cover to ensure the hot dogs heat well.


• Two pounds lasagna noodles
• Six eggs
• Five pounds ground beef
• Three pounds spicy ground sausage
• Two containers cottage cheese
• One jar pasta sauce
• Three packages shredded mozzarella cheese


Place your Dutch oven over flames and fill with water. Add lasagna noodles after your water has boiled. Cook until your noodles are ready and add them to a plate. Drain pot and place spicy ground sausage and ground beef in the oven. Cook the sausage and ground beef for 5-10 minutes until evenly browned.


• One package spaghetti pasta
• An eighth garlic powder
• One teaspoon dried oregano
• Half teaspoon dried basil
• A quarter teaspoon pepper
• One and three-quarter cup of water
• One can tomato paste (6 ounces)
• One can chicken broth (14 ounces)
• One can mushrooms, drained, optional
(4 ounces)
• One medium chopped onion
• Half-pound lean ground beef


Place your Dutch oven over the fire. Place chopped onions and ground beef in the Dutch oven and set the oven over the fire. Cook onions and ground beef for around 5 minutes until they are well cooked. Drain pot and add chicken broth, mushrooms, pepper, water, basil, garlic powder, Oregano, and tomato paste. Boil the mixture and add broken spaghetti. Cook while frequently stirring until your spaghetti is tender. That should be around 20 minutes.