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You can try Dutch Oven cobbler if you own a Dutch Oven. You can also include s’mores for at least one night. You are free to make personal cakes if you like; you can also make hobo pop corn or caramelized apples. The possibilities are big and are limited to what you carry in your cooler. You are not restricted as usual; you can still make whatever you like and enjoy it with your friends.

One thing about meals is that you have to be creative. Bringing the right ingredients is a sure way of preparing nice meals. Do enough research to ensure you have all the right things in place before you set out to the forest.

A good meal will always make your trip memorable, and you will always feel like you want to come back. I have not indulged much into meals because I am going to talk about it in the next chapters. I will get the specific recipes that cover vegetarians, dirt baggers, and gourmets, later in this book.