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• One pound of ground beef
• Salt and pepper for tasting

Shape your ground beef into oblong patties or equal
small rounds (depending on your group). Insert
every piece of your meat into your stick squeezing
patty tightly around the stick. Cook over your fire
until the patties turn brown on the outside and are
soft. Do not forget to sprinkle salt and pepper.


• A half cup of dry breadcrumbs
• Four eggs
• Half a cup of milk
• Three-quarter cup of grated Romano cheese
• Four to seven hot dog buns or sub buns
• One cup of spaghetti sauce
• One teaspoon of onion salt
• One clove garlic that is minced
• A quarter cup of finely chopped fresh basil
• A pound of ground beef
• A quarter cup of finely chopped fresh parsley

Mix the breadcrumbs, onion salt, ground beef,
parsley, garlic, basil, milk, Romano cheese
and eggs in a large bowl until they are well
combined. If the mixture is too wet, add more breadcrumbs or add extra eggs if the mixture
is too dry. Roll the mixture into one-half balls
placing them on the end of your stick.
ff Cook the meatballs over the fire until they
are ready. Sprinkle about one tablespoon of
spaghetti sauce on every meatball and hold
them over the fire until the sauce is hot.


• One cup of apple jelly
• Two tablespoons of butter
• A quarter cup of lemon juice (divided)
• One pound of boneless pork loin
• Salt for tasting
• One teaspoon of ground cinnamon

Cut your pork loin into one-inch cubes and
sprinkle them with salt and two tablespoons of
lemon juice. Place your pork on the stick and
melt with butter and jelly. Stir in cinnamon and
the remainder of the lemon juice. Add (brush)
glaze over pork. Cook over your fire for 10-12
minutes, turning and occasionally basting until it
is ready to serve.


• Kitchen string
• Minced garlic for tasting
• Toothpicks
• Four to seven mini dill pickles
• A quarter cup of finely chopped onion (divided)
• Salt and pepper for tasting
• Yellow or Spicy brown mustard for tasting
• A quarter cup of finely chopped fully cooked
bacon (divided)
• Half pound of flatiron steak

Cut your beef up to around a quarter inch
thickness. Ensure the meat is cut into strips
that are almost the same size as the pickle and
you can wrap around the pickle. Spread every
piece using mustard then sprinkle about one
teaspoon of onion and bacon while seasoning
with pepper, salt, and garlic. Place a pickle near
the end of each piece and roll your beef around
pickle (use toothpicks to secure both ends). Using
a kitchen string, tie the beef strip and pickle
together (remove toothpick). Pierce your stick
through each roll up and cook over your fire for
about five minutes until the meat is ready. Before
serving, remove the stick and cut the strings.
Remember you have an option of trying other
beef like top round or sirloin tips.


If you went by the river and you were lucky to
catch fish, then here is a recipe.

• Salt and pepper for tasting
• One fresh trout (2-3 pounds). The head should
be intact.

Clean and gut the fish nicely and remember to
season with salt and pepper. Push your stick through the fish lengthwise and place it at an
angle near your fire. Cook for around 15-20
minutes while regularly repositioning until the
fish can flake easily.