Foil Breakfast

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Foils can be used to wrap your food, which you then toss in the coals. The wrapping can create an airtight package before the food is directly placed on a bed of hot coals or embers. With well-sealed edges, you can flip the pack to ensure the heat is evenly distributed, and steam can develop the food.

To prevent overcooking, it is advisable to rotate the food occasionally to ensure it does not only cook on one spot. The layer of foil is also important since a thin layer is mostly prone to punctures and can allow dirt or ashes from your fire. To ensure you avoid this, wrap your food in one layer of foil and add another layer.

During your serving, you can remove the outer layer while the inner layer can be comfortably for serving. When using foil, always cut a foil that is twice the circumference of the food to be wrapped. Ensure the food is at the center of the foil and bring the two opposite sides together above your food. Fold or roll severally to make narrow creases and pinch the edges to seal well.

One advantage with foils is that they can be placed on coal immediately, or you can store them in your cooker while you wait for your fire. One important thing with foils is that even after folding, you should always allow space for heat and steam to circulate. The image below shows an example of a hobo packet.


• Two teaspoons of butter
• Ground cinnamon for tasting
• Two teaspoons of brown sugar
• Six tablespoons of granola cereal
• Two large apples


Wash and core your apples. Mix cinnamon, brown sugar and granola in a small bowl. Stuff the granola mixture into each apple and top with white butter. Wrap your apples in different sheets of foil and ensure they are well sealed. Set the packs on medium-hot coals and cook for around 20 minutes or until ready. Let the food cool for around 5-10 minutes before serving.


• Half-chopped onion
• Two tablespoons of butter, divided
• Seasoned salt for tasting, divided
• Half pack of diced cooked ham (12 ounces)
• One cup of shredded cheddar cheese
• Salt and pepper for tasting
• Four eggs, lightly beaten


Line a bowl with foil. Combine onion, cheese, eggs, hash browns and harm in a large zippered plastic bag and squeeze to mix well. Pour the tomato mixture into the foil-lined bowl. Top with the remainder of the butter while sprinkling salt and pepper as desired. Remove your pouch from the bowl and cook using medium hot coals. Cook for around an hour or until eggs and potatoes are ready. During cooking, open the pouch carefully and stir severally before resealing. Once ready, open your pouch and serve.


• One egg per person
• One baking potato per person
• Butter
• Salt and pepper for tasting


Scrub potato with butter and wrap tightly in foil. Place the foil in hot coal for 45-60 minutes or until it is ready. Slice potato partway and slightly open it. Put some butter inside the potato and break an egg into the potato before rewrapping the foil. Put the food on your fire and heat until the egg is ready. Do not forget to season with salt and pepper.


• Two tablespoons of softened butter
• One package of oatmeal muffin mix
(7 ounces)
• Large oranges (the number can vary)
• Egg and milk as you want


Cut off the top quarter of each orange. Proceed to remove pulp and make a hollow. As directed on the package, prepare muffin batter with milk and egg. Butter the inside of the cut orange shells and cover with orange lids. Wrap the orange in a foil and heat for 20-30 minutes or until it is ready. Once ready, remove the foil and eat with a spoon.


• Three tablespoons of ground cinnamon
• Half cup of sugar
• Cake donuts, cut in half like a bagel
(the number can vary)
• Fruit pieces of choice (pineapple, berries,
peaches or apples)


Cut donut in half and arrange the pieces of your preferred fruit. Stir cinnamon and sugar together to sprinkle over fruit. Join the two pieces of the donut and wrap tightly in foil. Place in coal or embers for 5-10 minutes until ready.