What Is the Best Utility Tool for EDC?

The best utility tool for your EDC would be a compact and high quality multi-tool. The Leatherman multi-tool has been around forever and it was fairly revolutionary at the time it was first introduced—and rather expensive. Now, just about everyone I know owns one and uses it often due to it’s handy nature. Most survivalist and preppers rely on this style of multi-tool for their go-to carry tool.

The Swiss Army knife was one of the first true multi-tools because it was one of the first pocket sized knifes that had many different functions. It’s hard to beat the compact design and the usefulness of a Swiss Army knife! But the Swiss Army wasn’t the first multi function pocket tool. There are many folding pocket knife style multi tools that date back to the early 1900s sitting on shelves in antique stores. This antique multi-tool pictured below even has full size eatery.

A utility tool for EDC doesn’t have to be crazy complicated to save your life. Some multi-tools can have hundreds of functions, but their size increases with each additional tool.

In the world of Everyday Carry, smaller is better.

Your utility tool can be as simple as a quality lock-back folding pocket knife. Simple tools like this can serve many different purposes with just one simple blade. Here are some ways I’ve seen a pocket knife used for other than cutting:

  • Screwdriver (the tip for phillips screws, the backside for flat head)

  • Pry bar

  • Spear tip

  • Fighting weapon

  • Eating utensil

  • Barter Item

  • Shaving (gotta be super sharp!)

  • Completing an electrical circuit on a car starter (hotwiring)

Some people may say your utility tool for EDC should be a simple razor blade. This probably wouldn’t be highly recommended as razor blades are difficult to hold and the metal is thin and brittle making it prone to breaking. Now does a razor blade have a place in your EDC? It sure does as long as you find a safe way to carry it and you have room for it. A good trick is to tuck a razor blade away safely inside an Altoids tin in your EDC kit.