Should You Add Medical Care to Your Everyday Carry?

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Not everyone is accident-prone, but it’s never a bad idea to address medical care in your EDC. It can be as simple as a few Band-Aids, duct tape to adhere dressings, unflavored floss, a stitching needle, and a few NSAIDs (non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs) like Advil or Ibuprofen.

An increasing number of adults and children rely on medications on a daily basis. If you rely on a daily medication then it’s probably a good idea to include a 72-hour supply of your medication in your EDC. Consider how important your medication is to your survival to determine if you should carry your medication with you or not.

Remember that many medications can become unstable with temperature changes and are highly susceptible to moisture in the air. Change out the medication in your EDC often and check the labels and information included with your medications to find the sensitivity to light, moisture and temperature.