We’ve Discussed ‘Why’ and ‘How’ to Choose Your EDC Items …Now it’s Time to Discuss What to Include.

Learning why we pick the gear we do is more important than what we pick. These specific items aren’t the only things you can consider for your EDC, but it’s a darn good start:

You Want Food in Your EDC…

Here’s What You Should Include:
If you’ve decided to include food in your EDC because of a medical condition, exposure to rural areas or you’re just a really hungry person, then there are fairly easy options for you.

Prepared foods items that are compact and easy to store are your best choice. Think about temperature exposure and pick items that won’t spoil easily. It’s also good to choose a food that has a high energy density—which means more calorie intake. Pure sugar foods aren’t always the best energy foods. Some good ideas are:

• Trail mix

• Candy bars

• Energy and protein bars

• Granola bars

• Glucose tablets (for diabetics)

• Military rations

• Freeze dried astronaut food

If you need to utilize your EDC during a major crisis, a good food item may be a great bartering tool as well.

Most EDC kits don’t include actual food items. Most people carry the tools that will help them obtain food during a crisis. Having the preparedness and tools to find and access food is a much more reliable EDC approach than actually carrying food.

“Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life.”

Here are some tools to consider including in your EDC for accessing food.

P38 and P52 compact military can openers

These can openers are compact and lightweight. They’re durable and can be used to strike Ferro rods (fire starter), as a small screw driver, pry bar, cutting instrument and spent round extractor just to name a few. If you carry a multi-tool that serves this purpose then you can skip carrying one of these. But they can also be easily added to key chains making them easy to carry.

A lock-pick set

This compact toolset can help you gain access to structures and locked containers that may have food items inside them. I don’t promote theft, but in dire circumstances it may be time for extreme action.

A wire snare or Speedhook

Wire snares are easy to carry for trapping small animals. They are a smart addition to your EDC if you are frequently in rural areas. A Speedhook is a great trapping tool for emergency use. It’s so effective that some areas have outlawed their use unless it’s a survival situation. The Speedhook is included in the military fishing survival kit. It can be used to catch fish and small game.

Native Edible Plants Guide

Information about the edible plants native to the region you live in should already be in your home library. I recommend having a concise pocket version that you can at least keep in your car and Get Home Bag as well as your Bug-Out Bag. It may not be needed in your EDC if you are in an urban environment, but it’s knowledge that we should all learn. I’ve found many small guides that fold up and fit inside a wallet taking up no more room than a credit card.

Fire starter or lighter

These items can be your best friend in a crisis. They can help you build a fire on which to cook the food that you gather. It will also help you keep warm, which can save your life.