Environmental Risk Factors

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First, consider your environmental risk factors by asking yourself these questions:

✓ What season is it?

Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, each season has specific factors you should consider when building your EDC kit.

✓ What’s the regional climate?

If you are in the desert, an important inclusion to your EDC would help you stay hydrated. A small flask with water is a good idea. Perhaps you could even make your EDC kit fit in a water bottle. On the other hand, if you’re in the Pacific Northwest, you may want to carry a poncho to keep you dry.

✓ What type of population area will I be in?

In an urban environment, food can be found everywhere, but risks of violent encounters increase. In areas with low population density, you may have to rely on your nature skills for sustenance.

✓ What’s the social climate?

In areas with unstable social conflict you may want to consider carrying more gear, especially in war-torn countries and populated areas with low economic development.

✓ What are the local laws?

Some municipalities, depending on where you live or travel, often may have stringent laws on carrying weapons. Know what laws you need to follow based on where you’re location is going to be.