Items in this kit

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Items in this kit:

  1. Cabela’s Multi-tool. This was a gift that replaced his full-size Leatherman. It is aluminum, stainless steel, and very light weight. This has a built in mini-flashlight as well.
  2. Business card sized multi-tool. This tool stays inside the wallet and is a nice back up if the other multi-tool gets lost.
  3. The leather wallet contains ID, emergency contact info and other important items common to most wallets. .
  4. 380 caliber sub-compact concealed carry pistol. This is his pistol of choice because it’s reliable, accurate, and powerful. Above all, it is small and light making it easy to carry every day. It also has a built in laser for ease of sighting.
  5. The silver ring pictured is not his wedding ring. This is an extra ring that he wears to use in a barter situation.
  6. Toothpick tin containing important items. There are Band-aids, fishing line, floss, a fish hook, allergy medication, anti-inflammatory medication, water purification tablets and a few toothpicks stashed in this tiny tin.
  7. Cellphone for communication. He charges his phone fully every night to help ensure he’s not caught with a dead battery.
  8. The keychain lanyard is made with nearly 10 feet of paracord and uses a carabineer to attach to belt loops. He also has a key shaped multi-tool on the lanyard which has many uses included a single bulb LED light.
  9. Since you never know when you may need to start a fire, he carries a small Bic lighter wrapped in duct tape. You also never know when some duct tape can come in handy.
  10. (Not Pictured) Watch with compass function and bands made from paracord.

Some items in his EDC may change occasionally, but the purpose stays the same. Your EDC doesn’t have to be the exact same all the time. You can adjust it by removing and adding items based on where you’re going and what you’re doing.

Here’s another approach to an EDC for someone who may have more concerns about weather and supplying water. I originally put it together to go in the car, but it could be carried easily in a backpack or on a belt loop.

Here’s a little breakdown of what is in this EDC emergency kit.

  • A folding pocket knife
  • Paracord bracelet (roughly 10 feet of cord)
  • Aqua Mira: Frontier emergency water filter.
  • 8 LED flashlight with batteries and adapter (takes either 1 C Battery or 3 AAA’s)
  • Bright yellow emergency poncho
  • Mylar survival blanket
  • Stainless steel water bottle (also used as a container for the kit).
  • Not pictured is one 400 calorie ration bar from Millennium simply because it was time to rotate it out and… I was hungry. Millennium makes a great compact energy bar that fits just about anywhere.

I also created an EDC tin from an Altoids container that I keep in my desk. Aside from the odd look I get when politely refusing a mint to a coworker, this fits effortlessly in my pocket or my desk—or just about anywhere, and no one will ever be the wiser. Inside the Altoids tin I keep an array of items.

The most common items are

• Small screw top pill holder filled with Vaseline: Vaseline has a variety of uses. It can be used to prevent and cure chapped lips and hands, can be put on cuts and scrapes to help prevent infection and is extremely effective as a fire starter.
• Cotton balls
• Weatherproof matches
• A small wire saw
• A small assortment of fishing supplies
• A few hard candies and or bouillon cube if there is room, a small amount of sugar can give you a great energy and moral boost after a crisis.