These Events Don’t Check Your Schedule…

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You may say that you don’t leave home often enough to hassle with an EDC. All it takes is one trip to the grocery store across town to separate you from the survival supplies you have worked so hard to stock up on. Your EDC helps you with the survival basics and get you far enough out of harms way that you can get to your gear, supplies, and hopefully back homee.

There are countless reasons you could need to leave your home under normal circumstances, and each time you do it carries the risk of being away when the SHTF (Sh*t Hits The Fan).

We leave our homes daily for many different activities:



-Entertainment (movies, shows, concerts)


-Commuting to work or school

-Children’s events

-Family gatherings


Take a minute and try to count how many times you have left the house in the last month. That number is equal to the number of times you may have needed to rely on an EDC to make it back home.