Great Gear Recommendations for Your EDC

Topic Progress:

• Universal Handcuff Key
• Mini Lighters (Some are small enough to use as a zipper pull!)
• Quality Pocket Knife (A strong lock-back or lock-blade knife is highly recommended)
• CRKT Eatn’ Tool (It’s a spork with wrenches, a pry tip and a bottle opener. It seems they overlooked the can opener however)
• Swiss Army knife (They do almost everything!)
• Small Leatherman
• Tactical Extending Baton (Easy to carry and legal some places concealed carry firearms aren’t)
• 3M shatterproof prescription safety glasses (They have many fashionable styles!)
• Tactical Pen (Not just for writing!)
• Cellphone—With or without service! It will still dial 911 and help triangulate your location.
• Paracord can’t be stressed enough. It is the most flexible item you can carry daily.
• Sub-compact or mini pistol with a valid Concealed Carry Permit! Check out North American Arms for some of the smallest on the market.
• Tactical clothing helps you stash all your EDC goodies… and they’re durable.
• Fire strikers
• Self-defense Ball Cap—these caps have metal weights in the top so you can use it to strike an attacker.
• Extra valuables like small silver and gold rings can be bartered for things you may need.
• Water purification tablets are small and easy to carry.
• Speedhook for trapping small game and fish.
• Unflavored floss can be used to catch fish and to stitch a wound.
• Small clips or carabineers are handy to hold your gear and plunders together.
• A mini-flashlight can’t be more highly recommended. I’ve dropped stuff in low-light situations and really wished I’d had one with me!

Regardless of the gear you choose the best Everyday Carry that you will ever have is your ability and experience. Learn your survival skills and take advantage of the resources around you.

By carrying the most versatile and useful compact tools, you can ensure that you have the best chance of surviving a crisis. What makes humans so adept at surviving is our ability to use tools. Not many other creatures have figured this out, and those that have are very limited in their use of them.

We shouldn’t take this for granted.

Whatever you carry in your EDC, don’t get caught unprepared!

To your survival!

“Above Average” Joe
Survival Life