The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Building Your EDC…

Throughout this report we’ve talked about the important considerations you need to think about when choosing your Everyday Carry items. At this stage of your EDC build, let’s take a moment to outline the biggest and most common mistakes made in Everyday Carry.

MISTAKE #1 Carrying too much gear
Carrying more gear than is reasonable for your situation will burden you on a daily basis. It gets easier and easier to make the conscious decision to leave your gear at home the day you may need it most. Also, the more items carried means more items you have to keep up with. Keeping it simple is the best way to combat this common mistake.

MISTAKE #2 Cheap, low quality gear
Better gear is going to be lighter, stronger and more compact. Sometimes it can be a little more expensive, but you are definitely getting what you pay for. I may have some cheap gear in my EDC, but I upgrade it when I can. It is better to have cheap, low quality survival tools than to have none at all! The most important item to spare no expense with is with your multi-tool and/or pocket knife. You want these to hold up to some severe punishment when your life is on the line.

MISTAKE #3 Relying on your cellphone
While a cellphone is one of the most important EDC items ever, it’s very important to remember that technology and electronics can be easily compromised. All it takes is one little slip and that cell phone is a useless chunk of plastic.

MISTAKE #4 Not maintaining your gear
Your survival gear needs routine maintenance and inspection. If you carry perishable items, it’s important to replace them routinely. It’s important to keep your tools sharp and in good working order as well. Rusty and worn out parts can cause a failure when needed the most.

MISTAKE #5 Not knowing how to use your gear.

Being familiar with the function of your gear is always important. If you decide to include a lock-pick in your gear and have no idea how to use it, you may be S.O.L. during a disaster. Read the information that comes with your chosen gear and learn how to use it properly.