What Actually Happens During An Economic Collapse?

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These days, the term “collapse” seems to be thrown around quite loosely and haphazardly, and most people don’t truly understand what the term actually means. An economic collapse means that everything of value that you own and have worked hard for your entire life goes up in smoke. Poof! Just like a Penn & Teller routine on the Las Vegas strip, all of your hard-earned money disappears overnight.

During a currency collapse, people will be shocked at the fact that their dollars will be worth something one day, and the next day they will be worthless.

A new currency will undoubtedly take its place, and there will be an established conversion rate by which people can trade in their old money for the new currency. Grocery store shelves will empty at a pace that makes frantic hurricane preparation seem like a tame Boy Scout outing.

Food riots will become the norm when desperate times call for desperate measures. People will go hungry, and without any currency of value, they will slowly starve on the streets while they urgently look for food to provide for themselves and their families. Gas lines – if there is any gas left- stretch for miles.

The many services that we all take for granted, like simple running water and electricity become unavailable to the majority of the population. The police won’t be around to handle all of the violence and mayhem that happens when people go into panic mode.

Those who have already prepared for the inevitable collapse are very likely to have to physically defend their valuable supplies from those who didn’t think it was important to prepare. After years of being called “nutjobs” and “wingnuts”, they will fight back with a vengeance, exacerbating the severity of the collapse scenario.

The transition to a new currency system will be bloody and painful, but it’s not something that will last forever. We will make the switch, but it’s the system of global governance that will arise after the transition that should have you worried. The totalitarian plan that is already in place would make George Orwell roll in his grave. Contrary to the popularly held belief that a collapse happens overnight, a true economic collapse happens much more slowly.

It is a process, not an event. Many are under the misapprehension that they will be able to turn on the TV one day and hear their favorite news anchor tell them the collapse has officially begun. What they don’t realize is that it’s the job of the TV stations to create docile, obedient viewers, not to spread panic and incite people to run around like decapitated chickens. Haven’t you ever heard that TV is the “opiate of the masses?”

Now that you know an economic collapse is something that means the value of everything you’ve ever worked for in your entire life will disappear overnight … you’re probably all ears.

Due to the way the global community of countries are inextricably linked via complex economic relationships, it is very likely the upcoming collapse will make the United States Depression of the 1930s seem like a walk in a bountiful park in terms of the number of people who will be affected by the collapse and the violence that will follow. Unless you live on a deserted tropical island surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables, you can expect to have to deal with the demise of society head on.

The question is will you be ready?

Before we unveil and analyze the list of 5 telltale warning signs, it is important that you understand three primary factors that play a big role in the way the collapse will happen. Your understanding of the following three factors is essential for you to be able to see why each of the warning signs on the list were chosen, and why the world has been intentionally set up for failure from the beginning.

Only then will you be able to come to terms with the plan that has been put in place to shock the world with an economic event so severe that people will be willing to accept any solution to stop the pain … even a one-world government in which the US is dissolved and absorbed into a new type of global order.