#5: Large-Scale Deployment of US Forces & Foreign Troops in America

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What to Look For: The next Big Deployment of US Forces Abroad

In the context of global geopolitics, there are many potential triggers for the next major conflict that erupts somewhere in the world. After all, the US has made it a habit to turn to war in times of economic struggle to pay the country’s bills.

After 12 years of American wars costing an estimated $4-6 trillion dollars, another major deployment of American armed forces could very well be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In recent developments, the US seems poised to attack Syria after John McCain recently reiterated US allegations that Syria is using chemical and biological weapons against the Syrian resistance movement. That excuse sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

We also can’t forget the recent ruckus caused by North Korea when they threatened to obliterate a list of several American cities with Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBMs). The debate is on whether current North Korean technology would allow their missiles to have the required range to reach American targets, but history has taught us that when there is a will, there is a way.

Numerous whistleblowers have come forward with the information that corroborates a high likelihood that US troops will be sent away in large numbers from the homeland right before an economic collapse.

This will be for two primary reasons:

  1. It’s possible and very likely that most US troops will not follow orders to arrest, detain, and kill American citizens, and there is a chance that some will revolt against the government.
  2. To lessen the defenses of the US in the event of a United Nations – led foreign troop invasion following a currency collapse.

What to Look For: Increased Foreign Military Presence in the US

What if we told you that thousands of foreign troops already have a strong foothold on American soil? You probably would dismiss our claim as complete nonsense, or some crackpot “theory.” Heck, it cannot be true if the mainstream media does not report it, right? Wrong! Foreign troop movement on American soil is happening as you read this report, and the build up of troops to fight American citizens is one of the clearest signals of an imminent collapse.

To find out more about foreign troop movements in the US, use the various Internet search engines to scour national news reports for terms like “foreign”, “military”, “troops”, “training”, “exercise”, etc. Part of the goal is to desensitize Americans to the presence of foreign troops on our streets, so the media openly runs stories about the latest training exercises and deployments of foreign troops in the US.

At any one time, the UN has thousands upon thousands of foreign troops from many different nations stationed in the US under the auspice of training cooperation and improving military relations with the US.

Why would foreign troops be used against the American people during an economic collapse? Again, the US military would not be likely to follow the types of orders that will be given to arrest, detain, and execute their fellow countrymen. However, foreign nationals would be much more likely to follow those same types of orders when they are unable to understand the screams and cries for help in a foreign tongue, especially if they have been brainwashed by government propaganda to convince them that they are doing the right thing.

Do your own research on this topic, and you’re likely to be surprised by what you find.

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order … tomorrow they will be grateful.”

Henry Kissinger

While most American troops may decide to fight on the side of freedom, there is no question that foreign troops can easily fill the manpower void left behind when American troops refuse to obey orders or when they are deployed in mass numbers abroad.

In 2010, Operation Vigilant Guard unfolded as a joint training exercise between United States and Eastern bloc troops. The little get together in Chicago trained foreign troops on how to stop terrorism, deal with drug dealers, and confiscate American citizen’s guns.

Do you think the Russians went home to dine on caviar and sip vodka after the joint exercise?

No, they disbursed like the cockroaches they are to all corners of the United States. Watchdogs living in Montana, Colorado, Utah, and Louisiana have issued reports of Russian troop movements by train and armored caravan.

Some analysts believe over two million Chinese troops call America home, mostly in parts of the country where rugged wilderness does an excellent job of concealing mass movement.

California is the place to be, especially if you are part of a foreign troop training exercise designed to prepare foreigners to kill Americans on American soil. Exercise Dawn Blitz, which concluded at the end of June 2013, involved scenario driven, simulation supported military exercises that the United States military typically runs for training marine brigades. The United States military made initial preparations far in advance, with the live phase involving troops from several foreign countries.

Reports also indicate foreign troops live in and around the infamous FEMA camps that many experts believe will act as internment camps for American citizens during the imminent collapse. The United States government has transformed many of the facilities from prisons to secured prisoner of war camps meant to keep Americans in line. Some conspiracy theorists believe the government intends for the FEMA camps to be places where foreign troops execute American citizens.

For those of you who don’t believe FEMA camps are real or would ever be used on Americans, go ahead and Google search “Japanese Americans 1942” for your answer. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

Foreign troop presence on American soils does not signal if the collapse is imminent; it signals that the answer to the “when” question is much sooner than you think.

What to Look For: New, Local Currencies

Being Used in the US for Goods and Services

According to Bernard Lietaer, co-founder of the Euro and alternative currency proponent, 4,000 alternative currencies now have emerged in circulation worldwide, compared with fewer than 100 in 1990.

Many American cities and counties have adopted alternatives to the devalued American dollar. Lawmakers in more than 10 states.