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What to Look For: Major Political Scandals that Rock the Public’s Confidence in their Government

Remember the good ole’ days, when the sitting President denied he had cigar relations with his intern? It has only been about 15 years since Bill Clinton’s behavior made front-page news. His scandal mesmerized a nation for almost an entire year and it almost cost Clinton his job.

It may seem strange to place political scandals in our list of the top 5 warning signals of an imminent collapse. However, remember that the perception Americans have of their government represents the backbone that supports or tears down the economic system. Once a spate of political scandals dominates the evening news, the public’s confidence in political and business leaders begins to wane and the willingness to participate in the system drops sharply. A firm shaking of American citizen confidence forces the dollar to lose even more of its value, and the entire economic system becomes vulnerable to the slightest financial tremors.

We are at the junction of the greatest rash of political scandals in American history. The following list briefly describes recent political scandals and the implications of each scandal on the American economic system.


This had set up and murder written all over it and the fact the media swept Benghazi under the scandal rug further alienated an already skeptical public. Obama’s sacrifice of American blood to cover up the truth caused him to lose all credibility.

Fast and Furious

Attorney General Eric Holder has made it a priority to disarm lawful Americans. The same man conducted a clandestine program that armed Mexican drug cartels. This is the same Eric Holder who played a pivotal role in orchestrating the disasters at Waco and Ruby Ridge.

Bradley Manning and Military Secrets

Bradley Manning began a cascade of secret revelations that have deeply undermined government credibility. However, the real crime of this story is that Manning sits in a jail cell rotting away, while the government refuses to grant his Constitutional rights.

The Drug Running CIA

It is not a secret that the CIA is a big player in the opium trade in Afghanistan. The spy agency was also recently caught trafficking several tons of cocaine on board CIA-registered airplanes.

These were some remarkable scandals, but they pale in comparison to current events that seem to transpire at warp speed.

The IRS and NSA

The new scandals include assaults on American civil liberties, which are the binding fabric of American culture. Combine the assault on virtually every Constitutional Amendment with the timing of the scandals, and we have a potentially destabilizing force to crush what is left of our country.

With recent revelations by Edward Snowden regarding the unconstitutional domestic spying of the National Security Agency (NSA) and other whistleblowers highlighting the political-targeting scandal of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Americans are rightfully starting to ask questions. We are starting to ask questions like, “Why is it OK for the government to digitally store every single email, text message, voicemail, phone call, and electronic purchase I make?” We are starting to bring into question the validity of the IRS, and for the first time, we are asking why and how the government uses the IRS as a political weapon to go after groups and individuals who are in disagreement with the government’s agenda.

Although the two scandals are just drops in an entire ocean of deceit and lies, millions of Americans have finally developed distaste for complying with unlawful government edicts. Once non-compliance reaches a feverish point, the government can no longer function and the entire system collapses. While it may appear on the surface to be simply scandals that dominate morning talk shows, there is a deep symbolic meaning behind the growing anti-government movement.

What to Look For: News Stories About the Public’s Lost Confidence in the Government

Remember, the shadow government designs the scandals specifically to undermine the confidence of the American people in their government, and by proxy, their currency. While the control freaks may intend to undermine our faith, what they have successfully done instead is provoke millions of Americans to get off the grid.

The establishment of alternative currencies is just one example of how the sovereign American citizen lives. Political pundits and blabbermouth talk show hosts can carry on until they are blue in the face trying to describe how the scandals affect American culture. The boneheads miss the patent reason for growing American citizen discontent.

It all boils down to the aversion that we have for political and business leaders who play the “Do as I say, not as I do” game. They play the game with guns, taxes, and personal privacy. The politicians move around escorted by heavily armed bodyguards, but the same politicians want to prevent lawful Americans from owning firearms. Pay your taxes is the common refrain from blowhards such as Neil Cavuto, but people like him never call out the billionaires who take advantage of offshore tax shelters. We are told never to infringe on the privacy of prominent leaders, but the same leaders run programs that monitor our daily lives.

Americans have tired of the blatant hypocrisy and as a result, millions of Americans now refuse to file taxes, obey gun laws, and respect the privacy of the criminals. We have not reached the tipping point when the government, because of the scandals, clashes head on with a disgruntled populace. When that day arrives, expect the collapse to be stark and swift.