It’s Not a Secret Any Longer …

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Why is it that whenever someone robs a bank, he or she is considered a criminal, and pilloried throughout the mainstream media as one of society’s “bad apples?” Yet when globalist banksters shamelessly raid the bank accounts of the world’s citizens, the complicit traitors of the American press barely broach the subject.

Why do small time bank robberies make front-page news, but the large-scale, state-sponsored global heist of our hard earned money never sees the light of the news day? If you think state-sponsored theft is only going on across the ocean in places like Europe and the Mediterranean, you’ve got another thing coming. The blatant theft that went down in Cyprus and Greece is just the tip of the iceberg.

In the United States, at least 15 trillion dollars changed hands during the bank bailouts of 2007 and 2008. Rather than cover their heads with ski masks and women’s hosiery to conceal their identities, these 21st century criminals were dressed in three-piece suits and driving expensive cars while they brazenly stole money from hard working taxpayers to line the pockets of the globalist moneychangers. These criminals “lost” trillions of dollars through fraudulent scams, such as the derivative scheme and other hedge investments.

Sure, the uproar at the time had the banksters so worried that their puppets – the politicians and mass media – threatened us with Martial Law. Surprisingly, the theft has been well documented and anybody with the desire to find out exactly how it was pulled off and who was involved can do so fairly quickly through a minimal amount of research. After all, the best place to hide something is in plain sight, and the swindlers have taken that advice to a whole new level. If we took a poll, an overwhelming number of respondents would indicate they know something is afoot in America.

Despite the general unawareness of those responsible for it, most people would find it hard to argue the apparent symptoms of economic malaise in America. For example, it’s mainstream news that the US has now achieved a record-setting number Americans currently receiving food stamps (46 million) and that Detroit and other US cities are on the brink of filing the largest municipal bankruptcy cases in US history.

Even the most stable and successful corporations are worrying about the latest economic news. A Wal-Mart executive recently revealed that the corporation experienced its worst start to a calendar year in the company’s history.