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While natural disasters are certainly important to prepare for, there is a startling amount of evidence that indicates we are facing a threat that is poised to affect every man, woman, and child of the world for generations to come – a global economic collapse. Many survivalists are indeed aware of the threat of an economic collapse, but one of the most frequently asked questions among survivalists is “when?”

An overwhelming number of Survival Life readers and subscribers ask us how and when they will know to get ready to implement and activate all of the knowledge, training, tools, and supplies they have acquired to prepare for the worst.

Identifying an exact date is difficult, and we’ve all seen what happens when people try to place a specific date on global events. After the hype of the “December 21st, 2012 Apocalypse” came and went, the Mayans turned out to be wrong. Remember Harold Camping’s multiple failures of predicting the rapture?

Rather than focus on specific dates, it’s much more important for you to be aware of the telltale warning signs that will happen immediately preceding the global collapse event that millions of people around the world are now beginning to sense and anticipate. When you can see the proverbial “writing on the wall”, it becomes a much easier decision to activate your survival plans and eliminate the occurrence of a “false alarm.”