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What to Look For: People Taking to the Streets in America and Around the World.

“When people lose everything and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it.”

Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente

Recently, 33 million Egyptians rose up against their tyrannical government and in three short days, the civil unrest toppled the second Egyptian dictator over the past three years. This marked the largest protest/demonstration in the history of mankind. Beginning in the last couple of years, many countries around the world are experiencing unprecedented levels of social unrest. Greece has become the classic canary in the coal mine indicator of the coming collapse. Austerity measures in dozens of other countries have prompted millions of people to march in the streets.

Here are just a few of the countries that have recently or are currently experiencing civil unrest:

  • Algeria
  • Brazil
  • Bahrain
  • Belgium
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Greece
  • Iran
  • Ireland
  • Ivory Coast
  • Jordan
  • Libya
  • Lebanon
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Portugal
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Spain
  • Sudan
  • Syria
  • Tunisia
  • United Kingdom
  • Yemen

Believe it or not, the list goes on and on. In fact, many countries are seeing unprecedented numbers of its citizens taking to the streets to protest the new austerity measures that their leaders have enacted in a feeble attempt to place a small bandage on the problems of national economies.

This is what happens when debt spirals out of control; people take to the streets. Even before a massive collapse, civil unrest may be a disaster in and of itself.

While the civil unrest we see in other countries has not fomented inside of the United States, the American government believes the threat of massive civil unrest is cause enough to develop contingency plans for Martial Law. In fact, you can make the claim the American government has already conducted several Martial Law dry runs.

Remember the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Instead of evacuating victims and saving lives, the military traitors went door to door in an unprecedented campaign to confiscate guns. The government forced people to dwell in almost inhabitable FEMA trailers and food rationing augmented citizen pain. Bloomberg and his control freak minions shut down New York in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. FEMA’s promise of food and shelter never materialized, as thousands of displaced residents were herded into FEMA run shelters. We all know what happened in Boston, as residents of the city cowered before steroid infested goons holding powerful weapons. Paul Revere would be proud.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick ordered nearly one million Boston and Watertown residents to remain in their homes and off the streets, as jackbooted thugs kicked down doors and smashed windows in the worst violation of the Fourth Amendment in recent memory. Numerous videos display serial Fourth Amendment violations conducted by militarized cops and federal agents, as well as battle hardened members of the United States military. stated, “The scenes look like something out of a disaster movie, with the backdrop of suburban America juxtaposed with what is essentially martial law playing out in full daylight.” The rogue army of cop wannabes roamed the barren streets, closed businesses, and forbade residents from going to work. Over 9,000 criminals locked down Boston and then they stormed the city clad in battle gear more appropriate for fighting the Taliban. As military helicopters buzzed over neighborhoods, the Fourth Amendment had ceased to exist in Boston, which quickly resembled a war zone,” reported.

What to Look For: Soldiers and Armored Combat Vehicles on the Streets of America

According to California Congressman Brad Sherman’s 2008 speech in the House of Representatives, he and several other Congressional representatives received threats about the imminent prospect of Martial Law from undisclosed members of the military who warned against voting down the multi-billion dollar bailout package. After Sherman’s speech, numerous Congressional representatives went on the record back up his shocking Martial Law claims. Despite the threat of Martial Law, many of the bailout opponents held steadfast against giving the banksters trillions of dollars in taxpayer money.

During his Congressional speech, Sherman said, “Many of us were told in private conversations, that if we didn’t pass this bill on Monday, the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be Martial Law in America if we voted no (to the bail out bill).” About a week before Sherman’s revelation, Congressman Michael Burgess went public to disclose that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had invoked House Rule 136A, which effectively places the chamber under Martial Law rules.

Only the President of the United States can declare Martial Law, a small legal tidbit that Pelosi conveniently forgot. The President invokes Martial Law in times of a “state of emergency.” Martial Law has not seen the light of day since Abraham Lincoln invoked it during The War Between the States. In 1978, Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act to prevent the use of the American military on American soil, unless otherwise approved by a majority of Congress.

Almost anything can trigger massive civil unrest in America, from something as worthless as the George Zimmerman verdict to more substantial reasons, such as acute food shortages and bank holidays. Whatever the trigger, the federal government has quietly put together a plan for Martial Law and when that goes down, so goes the country.

When people start taking to the streets of America, things will escalate very quickly. The protests will be unlike any we have ever seen before. They will be violent and bloody. American civil unrest should explode in dozens of major cities and the violence unleashed will make the Rodney King riots look like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. For a preview of what a semi-“collapsed” city looks like, look no further than the city of Detroit, Michigan. They have all-time high murder and crime rates, and the police refuse to go into whole swaths of the city for their own safety.

Localized breakdown of social order is another sign of an impending collapse. You start to see mass rioting, social unrest, and a breakdown in social order. Another serious symptom of collapse is a breakdown in local government services. That can be a real warning, as you are starting to see a breakdown in police, fire, and medical services.

If another terrorist attack (false flag) were to happen, the federal government will institute martial law and eviscerate civil liberties, not to mention trigger a financial meltdown. Is the morning news reporting an attack on Iran or the bombing of a New York subway?

Consider this: The DHS has purchased 4 billion rounds of hollow point ammunition and has purchased billions of dollars worth of APC (Armored Personnel Carriers) for use in the United States. You have to ask why does the American version of the Gestapo require four billion rounds of hollow point bullets.


While Boston provided a fertile ground for training psychopaths to implement Martial Law, a few features of American Martial Law failed to make the playbook.

Expect the immediate dismantling of the Internet. The explosive civil unrest that occurred in Egypt owes most of its potency to social media websites. People from all over the country learned about planned protests from Facebook and Twitter accounts. Despite denying it, the American government possesses the kill switch to shut down the Internet, which most likely quells any major uprisings

The government and their globalist bankster beneficiaries will freeze and loot all bank accounts, pension funds, and retirement plans. As it was in the aftermath of 9-11, you can expect no airline service and most likely no train or bus service. The goon squads will conduct invasive house-to-house searches, primarily to confiscate guns and take prisoner so-called troublemakers.

Many of the so-called troublemakers will find their way into reeducation camps, where they can play be the new rules or be summarily executed. You will lose all of your private property and eat what the government provides in its food ration card program.

Expect shopping malls, sports stadiums, and other large public venues to transform into gathering sites for desperate people who lost their homes and are on the brink of starvation. The large public venues risk turning into extermination centers or at least the initial setting for the new social order.

Expect the government will institute a military and work brigade draft. Therefore, you will become undeniably the property of the state. Nationalization will undercut private sector performance and all natural resources should divert to DHS control under one of the myriad unconstitutional Executive Orders.


How soon can we expect civil unrest to foment into Martial Law? The move to lock down Americans, which for decades required small steps to avoid waking the sheep, now proceeds with startling rapidity. Too many Americans have awakened to the government’s planning and operation of false flag attacks inside of the United States. An increasing number of Americans see the correlation between terrorist training drills and false flag events.

The federal government understands the great awakening means the traitors must speed up the draconian measures facing Americans during Martial Law. Published in 1999, the document entitled Psychological Operations explained a military strategy that included extensive training to conduct house-to-house searches. Initially considered strictly American military training, foreign troops became part of the scheme around 2006. With American m9litary personnel stretch out all over the world, the federal government turned to the UN to fill the manpower void. Now, both foreign and domestic troops have perfected the art of unconstitutionally removing American citizens from their homes and performing unlawful searches and seizures.

In 2010, Operation Vigilant Guard (OVG) combined American and Polish forces for an exercise to hone urban warfare skills in advance of Martial Law. The psy-op was one of myriad campaigns to prompt Americans to accept the eradication of their Constitutional rights. Many of the drills conducted on United States soil over the past five years involve some type of home search and/or invasion scenario.

Under the veil of OVG, NORTHCOM and NORAD joined forces in Oregon learn how to disarm Americans inside of their homes. The drill also involved troops from foreign countries, most notably Bangladesh and Russia. American and Russian troops held joint training exercises that included tactical landing operations inside of residential neighborhoods. In May of 2013, the mainstream media ran stories that depicted Russian army paratroopers in Colorado training with the 10th US Special Forces Group at Fort Carson. The collaboration was designed with the purpose of joining forces in “humanitarian operations such as anti-terrorism measures and disaster relief.”


In 2011, received a Halliburton document that proves subsidiary KBR (formerly Kellog Brown and Root) has the mandate to outfit FEMA and United States Army camps across the country.

Here is the document:

The KBR document represents another piece of mounting evidence that demonstrates the federal government has created Martial Law contingency plans that include the interment of American citizens. While the proof exists, you’ll never hear Rush Limbaugh or Piers Morgan discuss the heinous treason perpetrated by American military and federal government personnel.

Planned internment camps for American citizens have its roots in World War II lexicon, when FDR directed the military to house Japanese Americans in internment camps. The modern day version of internment camps has turned dark, mostly as the result of Rex 84. Oliver North’s stench is all over Rex 84, a 1980s program to build camps for American dissenters. Funded by the federal government and backed by the CIA, the camps have slowly transformed into more than internment camps. Hundred of photographs and video shot by citizen journalists show barbed wire fences surrounding each of the camps, with prison style sniper nests built in multiple places. Moreover, the DHS issued controversial edicts that included the close monitoring of certain American groups, such as supporters of Ron Paul and proponents of home schooling. The DHS has the audacity to label supporters of the Constitution as terrorists. Do you wonder where they plan to take their enemies?

Massive civil unrest inside of America will inevitably cause an economic and cultural collapse. The question remains whether the unrest ushers in Martial Law or paves the way for the restoration of this once great country.