Learning Skills: About Tools

In this video, Dave Scott explains about tools in the outdoors; not just what tools to purchase but also how to use and make your tools more efficient. He also gave basic techniques on how to create some basic tools out of stone and out of wood that will help support you in the outdoors.


In This Course You’ll Learn:

  • Tools 101:
    • Survival Knives
      • What to look for when purchasing a survival knife
      • Dave’s own recommendations for purchasing knife and his reviews
    • Knife Safety
      • Basic Safety Techniques
    • Knife Techniques
      • Basic Carving Tips
        • Carving Knots
        • Carving Round
        • Carving Flat
      • Billeting
      • Rule of Triangles
      • Scraping
      • Draw Knife
      • Chopping
    • Knife Sharpening
    • Hatchets
      • Hatchet Recommendations
      • Chopping tree techniques
      • Creating tools
      • Splitting Wood (chopping techniques)
    • Tool Creation
      • Stones
        • Stone tool creation; properties of a stone that you should look out for when trying to create a tool out of a stone
      • Wood