Growing Up

Imagine if you would, a world where vegetables and fruit all climb, twine and grow upward, creating beautiful and bountiful landscapes that save space, require less effort, produce high yields, and reduce pest and disease problems. Whether your goal is self-reliance or the simple satisfaction of growing your own foods, a bountiful vegetable and fruit harvest can be yours regardless of the amount of space you have.

5 Lessons

In This Course:

  • Why and How Growing Your Own Food Benefits You
  • An Introduction To Vertical Gardening Systems
  • The Ultimate Guide to Composting in Confined Spaces
  • How and What to Plant Base on Your Hardiness Zone
  • Basic Gardening Skills, Tips and Tricks for the Urban Horticulturist

Courses Materials

The In’s and Out’s of Up and Down Gardening

II. What is Vertical Gardening?

III. Do you smell that... ?

IV. Know When to Hold ‘Em and When to Sow ‘Em

V. Green Thumb 101: