All Natural Trail Mix

Losing yourself in the great outdoors requires a bit of planning. You need to pack a lot of things, but because of limited space, you have fewer food choices. This means you need to consider packing trail mixes. A balanced all-natural trail mix provides several benefits for hungry hikers and backpackers. The question is not whether you should bring along trail mixes, but what food to combine for tasty and energy boosting snack.

4 Lessons

In this course:

  • Choosing Your Trail Mix
    • Nuts
    • Seeds
    • Dried Fruits
    • Grains
    • Sweets
    • Berries
      • Safe Berries
      • Poisonous Berries
  • Other types of edible wild plants
  • General tips for avoiding harmful plants
  • Foraging tips
  • How to harvest wild berries

Courses Materials