How to Find and Purify Water When SHTF

How to Find and Purify Water When SHTF

Water is one of the 5 pillars of survival, without which it’s only a matter of days - if not hours - before irreparable damage or even death sets in.

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Traditionally considered to be the top priority (assuming you have shelter), safe drinking water should be stored in advance while preparing to survive a crisis at home or a bug-out location.

But knowing how to find and purify water when SHTF will put less pressure on your ability to store water, not to mention help open up some space for other survival gear.

There are many reliable methods available. Some are universally applicable (regardless of where you’re forced to survive), while others aren’t. All of them are important to know, as you don’t get to choose where and when SHTF.

While these aren’t the only ways to purify water when SHTF, we believe they’re the most accessible. Practice these skills at every opportunity to ensure when SHTF, you know how to find safe drinking, cooking, and washing water!

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