What Can be Used to Create a Vertical Garden?

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The beauty of vertical gardening is that almost anything can be used to create your garden. Many household items that we carelessly toss away can be instantaneously turned into a vertical garden.

Some items that I have used to create vertical gardens include: Old soda bottles (they work great to grow herbs in on your windowsill) 5 gallon buckets left over from home renovations 50-gallon drums (just make sure they are really well cleaned out and, if you can, make sure they contained food grade materials)

Wooden barrels Traditional flower pots, be they plastic, ceramic or terracotta, work fantastically (you can purchase or make your own stand to increase the amount of gardening space you have). Old gutter systems (preferably for shade loving plants or for indoor planters, as the metal can become excessively hot and cook your plants). Basically, anything that can hold soil can be turned into a garden.

Vertical gardening is a perfect solution for the gardener on a budget.