Bonus Tip, What Not to compost:

• Anything that will not break down in a reasonable amount of time, like old magazines, t-shirts, or any type of plastic (bags, cups, etc).
• Anything with toxic chemicals, like detergent, paint, or hair dye (this is a circular system and anything you put in the compost will end up back in you, or it can kill off or severely impair the balance in the permaculture).
• Meat and animal byproducts other than milk or cheese. Butter; being fat, takes a long time to break down, and meat will just attract pests and insect infestation that can quickly spread disease. The breakdown process going on in your compost bucket can also be hampered by the introduction of meat. Avoid fish, bones, and chicken skin; basically anything that you wouldn’t want your cat or dog getting into should not go in the compost.