Are There Any Disadvantages to Vertical Gardening?

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As with almost anything you do, there are a few drawbacks to vertical gardening. A vertical garden is removed from the ground level “natural” soil, and as such it is not allowed some of the perks that come with a traditional garden. Vertical gardens are much more easily affected by temperature than a traditional garden. A traditional garden has a vast surface area in which to spread out temperature changes, and as such has a relatively constant temperature throughout the day.

Plants in a traditional garden are also afforded a wider root system that can spread out and pull nutrients and water from the surrounding soil, while a vertical garden is limited to only the soil in its “pocket.” With this being the case, you must be vigilant about watering your vertical garden, and you must also use a liquid fertilizer or a compost tea on your garden frequently. In hot months with a lot of sun, this may require you to water your vertical garden a minimum of once per day.