I. But the Supermarket is Just Around the Corner…

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So why on earth would you want to go to the trouble of planting your own garden? My question for you is: Why would you walk to the super market and pay for a bruised and chemical covered tomato, when you could simply pluck a ripe, delicious one from a vine directly outside your window? Most grocery stores pride themselves on having “only the freshest ingredients,” and while this is all fine and dandy in times of abundance, grocery stores only keep about two to three days’ worth of items on their shelves. During an emergency, when everyone is clamoring for the same items at the same time, there is a good chance that you won’t get what you need.

The items that will sell out first are the ones that people know will help them get through a time of crisis. It is during these times when learning to grow your own produce can be a major boon in your survival and overall wellbeing. You will have enough fresh produce to sustain yourself and, if all goes well, enough to barter for other items or creature comfort (think toiletries, medical supplies, entertainment items etc. ) Growing your own produce also has PLENTY of health related benefits that have nothing to do with produce