Six Professional Tips for Surviving the Avalanche

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Apart from the basic tips on surviving the avalanche, professionals have a more critical way of looking at things. They know what immediate actions can help you survive the avalanche, and based on their insight, here are six tips you need to keep in mind.

1: Move Side-ways – When the avalanche happens, instead of running in the same path, move side-ways. The center of the avalanche is a dangerous place for you. It is crucial that you start moving immediately when you notice signs of sliding snow, because the quicker you move away, the greater the chances of survival.

2: Jump Up-slope – This strategy can save you when the avalanche happens underneath you. Sadly, snowboarding and skiing are the most common cause of avalanches. This quick movement will help you move away from the fracture line in time to avoid the slide as snow moves from right under your foot.

3: Move with an Avalanche Beacon – The avalanche beacon or transceiver increases your chances of survival largely. Most beacons transmit a radio signal, which helps rescuers find you and dig you out.

4: Hold on To Something – If you don’t get disoriented and confused, grab something nearby, even if it’s a tree or a rock. This will prevent you from going with the snow.

5: Swim Through It – If the slow starts dragging you down, use your swimming skills to prevent going under the snow. Try floating and keep your head up towards the open air.

6: Make an Air Pocket – Cup your mouth so that when the snow surrounds you, there will be enough air to keep you alive for thirty minutes, during which someone will find you and rescue you.