Tips for When You Are Stuck in the Avalanche

Here are some crucial tips that will make surviving easier for you:

• Assuming you paid attention to the weather reports, you should never assume that the area where you are skiing is safe. Just be alert all the time.
• If you feel like urinating, don’t stop yourself. Just do it! It may make you feel uncomfortable, but on the brighter side, it is what will help rescuers find you. The dogs they use will rely on smell while sniffing, and urine will serve as a useful tool in this situation.
• If you feel breathless, dig in the direction you see your breath rise, or look for light and dig towards it. If you feel sure that you can dig yourself out, make an effort.
• If you couldn’t ditch your skis before the snow buried you, there’s no need to worry. Somehow, it all works out because they help rescuers find victims by protruding out.
• Complete an avalanche survival course before going to an area prone to avalanches.
• Make sure you take your safety equipment with you on your trip.
• Try to save your breath and energy while you wait for rescuers to find you.