How to React Within the First Few Seconds

You never know when an outing that you’ve been planning for months, may turn into a nightmare. This is why; staying prepared and informed about the worst that can happen, is always a good idea. If you and your family have decided to go for a skiing holiday, suppose the unexpected happens and there is an avalanche; how will you survive?

Taking some time to think through such scenarios is a good thing, although most people would believe it to be thinking negatively. However, sometimes, thinking about the worst that can happen is the best way to prepare yourself mentally and program your body to act in the right way to save your life. The other word for this is survival instinct. You need to work on your survival instincts when you are stuck in an avalanche. Have no doubt about the fact that facing death is a scary feeling.

However, at the same time, giving in to the fear will not save you. You have to keep your mind focused on surviving and save yourself from the avalanche while there is still time. In this book, we will address some simple ways of how to avoid becoming stuck in an avalanche and you will learn about what to do if you couldn’t escape in time.

In most cases, there will be a hope that rescue teams will come looking for you, therefore, it is important to know what you can do to keep yourself alive, long enough. Continue reading to learn some important tips and tricks that will help you survive.