Buried in a Vehicle

If your vehicle is under an avalanche, with you inside, it may seem like a scary situation, but you can and will get out of it – alive. First, turn off the engine. If you have a cigarette, cigar, or matches, do not use them!

The reason for this is that, it may not be too obvious at first but you have limited air available, and doing anything that will waste the precious air will reduce your chances of survival. Therefore, make sure that you do not do any of these activities. Open just one window and try to get an idea about the depth to which you are under snow. Look for a stick, probe, or pole in the car that can give you an estimate.

Whatever you do, do not leave the vehicle, unless you are sure that if you do so you will not risk your life.

Most importantly, don’t leave the vehicle unless you are sure that you are not in a remote area.

Most vehicles have a two-way radio. Keep it turned on, because it may become your only way of surviving. Use it to contact searchers out there for help!