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Digging the victim out can be very tiring and it can take much longer than searching for victims. Therefore, it is very important to act quickly. Here are some things you can do.

If you have to dig him or her out, start digging away from the probe. It’s a rule that the hole you dig for exposing the victim must be at least 1sq deep. If the victim is under to a depth of two meters (or six feet) then you must make a square hole that is at 2x2m (or 6ft x 6ft).

Dig downhill and throw the snow downhill. Use the probe as a marker. Plan the rescue well because too many people digging together will get into the way, and complicate matter. Take turns if it is better and this will save time and energy, and make rescuing easier for everyone. Besides time is crucial for the victim, so make the process systematic.

When you rescue a victim, first uncover the head and chest immediately. Clear the victim’s mouth to allow air intake, and make sure the airway has no obstructions. Begin administering first aid immediately and let the person’s body adjust to the surface.

You must use a probe line or a transceiver to find victims, so learn how to use them.