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Browning P35:

The Browning Hi-Power P35 is a semi-automatic, single-action handgun that is offered in .40 S&W and 9mm calibers. An American inventor, John Browning, designed this firearm. The name Hi-Power is rather misleading and alludes to its 13 rounds magazine capacity, which is almost twice the capacity of pistols like Mauser 1910 or Luger. This firearm is normally known as the HP, short for Hi-Power, which was further shortened to HP-35, and then P-35. The numeral 35 denotes the year of its introduction in 1935.

Colt Peacemakers:

The Colt Peacemakers, that are also known as Single Action Army, Model P, SAA, Colt .45 and M1873; are single action revolvers that hold six cartridges in a revolving cylinder. Since it first came in 1873, the appearance of the revolver has remained consistent, but it offers over 30 different varieties of barrel lengths and calibers. The production for Colt Peacemakers was halted twice, but due to popular demand, it was brought back again. Given the popularity of the weapon, it was widely used all over the United States, by lawmen and outlaws alike, as well as for sport and personal safety. But currently, these revolvers are bought by collectors and reenactors only.