.50AE .500 SW Magnum

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While relatively new, these magnum cartridges are the granddaddy of all ammunition. These cartridges come in at half an inch across and are packed to the brim with quick burning gunpowder. These monster bullets are perhaps the most powerful bullets around.

Pros: If you’re holding a weapon that shoots these rounds, targets that know better will flee. There is no surviving a shot at the center mass, not matter who or what your target is. Heck, this ammo is used for hunting bears. A handgun, or shall I say a hand cannon for hunting a grizzly; imagine firing one at the shooting range, newbies there just might relieve themselves in their pants.

Cons: The recoil from a bullet of this caliber is like a bro-fist from God. We are talking about a recoil that is physically painful to shoot. Hold this weapon incorrectly while firing and you are guaranteed to lose some of your fingers. One can’t possibly comprehend the force and sound of the recoil this cartridge generates, but I still can’t help but think you want one though.