.38 Special

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So what exactly makes this .38 so special? The cartridge of this round carries more powder and holds a bullet that is far heavier than 9mm. Not to mention that it’s slower; here is the thing, in the world of firearms, slow is a good thing. Look at it this way, what will do more damage, a stab from a steak knife or a spoon? A stab from a steak knife will be quick and clean while a stab from a spoon is going to be painfully slow with chances to tear and rip. A .38 Special is that spoon!

Pros: This is one nasty bullet that hits hard. FBI used this round as a standard-issue for a long time.

Cons: The problem with a .38 is that it’s made for a revolver. You won’t find a single semiautomatic that fires these rounds. Although, if you are a fan of revolvers this round should be your first choice, but you’ll only have 5 or 6 rounds. This cartridge has rather strong recoil and significant stopping power to stop a medium sized target in its tracks.