Ammo Types

While all bullets are designed to make contact with a target at a range, some ammo types do it faster or penetrate deeper than others. It all comes down to the characteristics one is looking for when aiming down the sights at the target.

In this final section, we will purely be talking about bullet sizes and the pros and cons of each. While there are countless variations of bullets out there, we will be discussing the ones you’re likely to come across and use. You will be able to find these bullets in every sporting goods stores.

When speaking about bullets the most important trait is ‘stopping power’. This term sounds a bit vague, it is more about home many bullets will it take to drop a target. Given, when you hit a target in the right spot, it’s only going to take a single bullet. The other trait of a bullet is its caliber and it refers to nothing more than just the size of the bullet. For most ammo types the number is the diameter of the bullet in inches.

Let’s take a look at the most popular bullet types.