Bolt Action Firearms

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M1903 Springfield:

Formally a United States Rifle, the M1903 Springfield is a Caliber .30-06, a model developed in 1903, is an all American clip loaded, 5 rounds, magazine fed, and bolt-action rifle. This rifle was primarily and widely used till the 1950s.

In June of 1903, the M1903 Springfield was officially adopted by the United States military’s bolt-action rifle. Springfield saw its first service in World War I, which was later replaced as the standard issue infantry rifle with the fast firing semi automatic, an 8 round M1 Garand, in 1937. However, it remained the standard issue infantry rifle in World War II as well.

Gewehr 98:

A German-made bolt-action Mauser rifle, the Gewehr 98 (G98) fires cartridges from an internal, clip loaded, 5-round magazine. It was used as a standard issue service rifle by the Germans between 1898 and 1935, eventually being replaced with the Karabiner 98k. The G98 uses a strip clip-loading with a rather powerful Mauser 7.92×57mm cartridge. The G98 was replaced the Gewehr 1888 rifle as the standard issued German service rifle, this weapon was first used in an all out combat in the Boxer Rebellion, and was the primary German rifle in World War I.