Trigger reset

After you discharge a firearm, the trigger only needs to go forward until the seer re-engages for the next shot. On double action pistols, this may be ½ the distance that your finger traveled for the first shot, or less. If your trigger or your finger travels further forward after a shot than the point where the seer re-engages, it’s called “over travel” and it’s not good.

Over travel leads to inconsistent follow- up shots. From now on, unless you’re shooting the last repetition of a set, every time you dry fire, keep the trigger pressed until you have racked the slide. Then slowly let the trigger go forward until you feel/hear the click of the seer reengaging and immediately press for your next shot. Mastering trigger reset is absolutely VITAL to being able to put multiple rounds on target quickly and your sequence will become:

Sight picture, trigger press, sight picture (follow through), trigger reset, trigger press.

The combination of follow-through and trigger reset will help you get on target MUCH faster for controlled pairs and other multiple shot strings. Practice dry firing 20 times, putting together the entire sequence. Go only as fast as you can without compromising your form:

Sight picture, trigger press, sight picture, trigger reset, trigger press