The Cost to Shoot Airsoft

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Let’s take a look at the cost to shoot airsoft. I’m only going to figure the cost of ammo. I’ll let you add in fuel, range fees, targets, and maintenance supplies. Let’s compare 2 scenarios…one where someone buys 1000 rounds of ammo for their Glock and uses it at the range and another where the shooter buys an airsoft Glock AND shoots 100 rounds of live fire.

It’s important to note here that the airsoft shooter in this example also shoots 100 rounds of live fire. Since the purpose of your airsoft training is to be able to perform better when you’re doing live fire, it’s vital that you practice occasionally with live fire. One of the biggest reasons for this is to convince your brain that your dry fire and airsoft training actually carries over to live fire so that when you find yourself under stress you’ll not only have solid skills, you’ll have already proven to yourself that you have solid skills.

But cost isn’t the only benefit of airsoft training. When you use airsoft, your frequency of training will go up considerably. Think about it…all you have to do to shoot is throw a thick blanket or sleeping bag over a door, clip a target onto it with clothespins, make sure no animals or pets are around, put on your eye protection, and start shooting!

When you’re through shooting, simply throw away your target, run your vaccuum to pick up the BBs, and you’re done.

When it’s that simple to shoot, you’ll find yourself training 50-100 repetitions, 3-7 days a week. It’s MUCH easier to build up muscle memory this way than to blast through 500-1000 rounds every month or so.