Firearms Accuracy

Fire Arms Accuracy Self Defense, Politics and Training Chances are good that you or someone you know doesn’t get to shoot as much as they’d like. In fact, as the cost of ammo has gone up and people have become more reluctant to shoot, it’s not unusual to talk with people who have spent more on new guns in the last 12 months than they’ve spent on the ammo they’ve run through them!

Put that way, it sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it? It may be silly, but it IS understandable. Let’s say that you go out and buy a nice Glock for $400 and you buy 1200 rounds of ammo to run through it for another $400. Spread that out over a year and it works out to 100 rounds a month…or just over $30.

Not too bad, but most people who shoot will quickly tell you that this is not the only cost. To begin with, it’s very difficult for most people who love shooting to ONLY shoot 100 rounds per month. You’ve also got to add in range fees, targets, cleaning supplies, gas, and time. Time to drive to the range, time to shoot, time to drive home, and time to clean your firearm.

And I don’t know about you, but every time I pull the trigger, there’s a little cash register bell ringing in my head reminding me how much my outing is costing…and it rings a lot because I really enjoy shooting.

And, as I’m shooting and trying to keep my costs under control, I’m also trying to work on accuracy, my presentation, two handed, right hand, and left hand shooting, reloads, malfunctions, presentation from concealment, follow through, transitions between targets, stance, quickly acquiring my site picture, quickly reacquiring my site picture, short range shooting, long range shooting, one handed reloads, imagining scenarios, duck walking, cornering, low light, and more.

It’s not easy to balance training 10-20 skills with the reality of time and money constraints, but that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about over the next few months. You see, I’ve mined through thousands of pages of research and interviewed some of the best firearms instructors in the country (some would say the world) to unearth proven techniques for improving my firearms skills as quickly as possible while spending as little money as possible. As I did more and more research and spoke with more and more “operators” and trainers, they finally got through to me that some of the most effective firearms training techniques available were inexpensive or even free.

The training techniques that I’m going to share with you have been proven over several decades by elite units such as the US Navy Seals, Soviet and Russian Spetsnaz, GSG 9, British SAS, and US Army Special Forces, Detachment Delta, and Olympic gold medalists. They’re used by professional and amateur competition shooters around the globe and, in many cases, they’re the difference between first place and 5th or 6th place. Keep in mind that they don’t use these techniques because of limited budgets—they use them because they’re the absolute best training tools that they have available to them.